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All Inflatables

Combo Unit – 3 in 1

This 3-IN-1 Inflatable Castle Combo Unit is a 15' x 15' bounce house, which has a 10'T x 20'L slide attached to it. Not only do you get a bounce house with this unit, you get a climbing wall and slide too!! BONUS!!!

All Inflatables

Combo Unit – 4 in 1

This 4-IN-1 Inflatable Castle Combo Unit is also a 15' x 15' bounce house, which has a 10'T x 20'L Slide attached to it.

Our Birthday Cake Combo unit will be the perfect addition to any celebratory event or party. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any type of celebration, you will have the BIGGEST CAKE EVER at your next gathering with this Birthday Cake Combo!

Rrrrrr you ready for this next Combo Unit??? Our Pirate-themed Combo Unit has the same features as our standard 3-in-1 combo, but in a more condensed design and ideal for your pirate-loving mates.

In this 3-IN-1 Inflatable Tropical Combo Unit the kids can bounce in a 13' x 13' bounce house and slide down the 10'T x 14'L Slide attached to it.

This 3-IN-1 Princess Castle Combo is for every girl who dreams of being a princess with her own castle!