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This 15’ x 15’ Bouncy Boxing is fully enclosed with netting on all four sides. Children, teens, and adults will battle for the title of Champion of the Ring!!

Why just settle for one or the other when you can have both? KC’s Inflatable’s now offers a 2-for-1 special!! You get the 2-Lane Bungee Run with Hoops and the 2-Person Gladiator Joust ALL in one unit.

This 2-Lane Bungee Run with Hoops is sure to keep you entertained for hours!! Our 2-Lane Bungee Run is a competitive interactive inflatable that will add lots of action to any event.

This NEW unit is any Baseball sports fans dream!! The ball floats freely on a stream of air acting as an inflatable tee…

Did someone say AMERICAN GLADIATOR??? Our 2-Person Gladiator Jousting will have everyone looking and laughing as opponents try to knock each other off their pedestals with our heavily padded jousting poles.

Get ready to roll with these competitive “American Gladiator” style human hamster ball spheres.

Test your strength, speed, and endurance on our Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall!! Pack your climbing gear, call your local neighborhood Sherpa, strap on your harness, and belay your way to the top!!

Step inside of our inflatable Money Machine and see how much cash or prizes you can grab in the allotted time!!

Want to be just like the Major Leaguers??? How fast can you throw a Baseball??? With our Speed Pitch Challenge, you can find out with our state-of-the-art radar gun and LED display.

Our Sumo Suits are fully padded (NO INFLATING REQUIRED), with super protective head gear and a padded mat included in this rental you’re sure to have a blast for hours!!

This ingenious new twist on an old classic game is perfect for any occasion and fun for all!!  Stretch, reach, bend and twist as you try to keep your balance in this ultimate test of dexterity.

Children, teens, and adults will battle for the title of Champion in our ULTIMATE boxing/wrestling ring!!

The entire Velcro Wall is covered with Velcro pieces on both the wall and the full-length suits worn by the participants. Each player gets a running start, jumps on the inflatable platform, and then sticks to the wall!!